Ram Concepts Europe

your sourcing partner for fashion, accessories and gifts

RAM Concepts Europe

Your sourcing partner for fashion, accessories and gifts

Ram Concepts Europe

Your sourcing partner for fashion, accessories and gifts


RAM Concepts Europe

RAM Concepts Europe is your contact for fashion related accessories and promotional items. We manage your complete supply chain from the initial idea, design and proto type phase, to sampling, production and logistics. Due to our extended sourcing network in both Europe and Asia (China and India) we are able to accomodate almost any request.

Our experienced background makes us understand your need for a reliable sourcing. Let us take care of your sourcing, product developments and productions, while you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

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Product Development & Collection

We can develop your complete accessories and merchandise collection, whether you have your own designs or if you would like to use designs from our collections.

Salesmen Sampling

Based on developed proto types we can arrange for your salesmen sampling. Salesmen samples will be made exactly according to your specifications including packing and labeling.


Your production is followed by our dedicated staff, from the first entry of the initial materials until the final qc inspection and packing.

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Logistics & Import

We can handle all your logistic requests. We keep close contact with the forwarder and arrange for prompt delivery. We deliver free house (ddp) so you do not have to worry about the logistics.