Small team, big efforts

We work in a small team and keep our lines short. Efficiency and speed are key for us. We believe that short communication lines between customer and producer avoids noise on the line. The same person comminicates with customer and producer so no information gets lost. This way our employees are allround experienced in the field of productdevelopment, production, logistics, environment, etc. 

Our aim is to build up a partnership with our customers and will do our best to advise them in product developments and collection in order to get the best sales results in their shops. 


Our dream team

martin van der kroft

Martin, together with Kristine, was one of the founders in 2003. With a long list of experience at various large companies he has all the knowledge in the field of international trade and fashion accessories.

Within RAM Concepts Europe Martin deals with sourcing, finance and sales.

General director

Martin van der Kroft

Kristine Schiebroek

Kristine is one of the founders of Ram Concepts Europe, together with Martin. She has gained her experience at Claudia Sträter, Heineken and Sanoma. diverse companies which has led to extensive experience.

Within RAM Concepts Europe she is mainly concerned with the collections, product development and sales.

Creative director

Kristine Schiebroek

petra van de Boogaard

Petra has worked at RAM Concepts since 2009 and is a very experienced product developer. No request is too crazy for her and she knows the solution.

Within RAM Concepts Europe Petra focuses on the fashion clients. For this she does product development and sales.


Petra van de Boogaard

Theresia van der Meij

Theresia has worked at RAM Concepts since 2011. Theresia has a focus on detail and thinks along with her clients.

Within RAM Concepts Europe Theresia deals with the 'non-fashion' customers such as publishers, other retail and promotional products. She is also responsible for all logistics.

Productmanager & logistics

Theresia van der Meij

Ingeborg Braaksma

Ingeborg joined our team at the beginning of 2022. She has an enormous broad experience in the field of fashion such as production, sales, product development, purchasing and sustainability. We are pleased that Ingeborg has joined our team.

Product Accountmanager

Ingeborg Braaksma

Ronald Vijver

Ronald Vijver has been associated with RAM Concepts Europe since 2016. Together with Ronald we have put the private label production for leather gloves on the map for our customers.

Ronald knows everything about gloves, where to buy the best gloves and is a well-known name in this segment. Working with Ronald has made RAM Concepts a valuable supplier for various customers in the field of gloves, both leather gloves and knitted gloves. Ronald even knows how to produce gloves for laboratories and craft chains.

Productmanager Gloves

Ronald Vijver

Since the beginning of RAM Concepts Europe, Rob Nietzman is our accountant and manages all financial affairs. 


Rob Nietzman